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What We Offer

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We provide a wide variety of services to our patients. Please contact us with additional questions.


Hernia Surgery

We provide all types of hernia surgery using the latest advances to provide the least invasive but most effective treatments

Vein Disease

Dr. Sanders is a leading expert in the treatment of vein disorders. Contact us for more information.

Comprehensive Cancer Surgery

We commonly help our patients manage newly diagnosed cancer treatment. This includes the treatment of breast, colon, thyroid and skin cancer amongst many others. We perform thousands of endoscopies each year to detect and prevent colon cancer.

Gallbladder Surgery

We provide complete diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of gallbladder disease.

TIF is an FDA approved procedure to cure acid reflux or GERD. It is often combined with a hiatal hernia repair. Dr. Goldberg is the highest volume TIF surgeon in Tennessee.

Robotic and minimally Invasive Surgery

Robotic assisted surgery is the next great advance to laparoscopic surgery. It allows us to use the Davinci Robot to perform even more advanced minimally invasive surgery.

Did an amazing job. Everyone from the front desk to the Doctor was amazing. Thank you!

C. Derrick

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